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Blog Playlist #40

This week's top picks!

Pictured: Luxury Goods

MajorSleeper - 'I Wish'

Dance-worthy pop track, produced to perfection.

Melkior - 'In The Morning' ft. Mike Champion

Smooth and soulful R&B offering for your wind-down playlist

hundredmillionthousand - 'Eleven'

An atmospheric electronic masterpiece that will transport you to a different world.

JYDN HILL - 'Every Lie Is Two Lies'

A beautifully produced, introspective R&B cut.

Boom Dice & Avie Sheck ft. Lil Esso - 'Show Me More'

R&B, Hip-Hop and Trap blend together on this sultry offering.

Monique La Chapelle - 'The Hopeful Romantic'

A stirring and heartfelt album with an impressive and soulful vocal tone.

Roseland En Why Cee - 'Bené'

Roseland En Why Cee showcases smooth rhythms and melodies on 'Bené'

California Condor - 'Dissident'

A powerful Metal anthem with unshakeable guitars

Posse Unit - 'I Don't Even Know'

Summery Pop anthem with club-ready production

Luxury Goods - 'This Is No Time To Dance'

A stunningly ethereal debut EP with elements of spoken word and pop.

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