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Blog Playlist #43

Major Sleeper - I Wish

'I Wish' is nothing more than a good old dance track that wouldn't sound out of place at huge festivals, raves and club nights.

Madison - Nightshade

Rising Australian pop artist • MADISON • has a unique and signature sound that is prominently showcased by a formidable partnership of which consists of her enchantingly powerful voice and silky smooth melodies.

Loie - Perfect

Inspired by iconic female artists such as Jill Scott, Nina Simone and Eva Cassidy, South-East London-based songwriter Loie is an RnB artist who is firmly in a lane of their own.

City Fidelia - Painkiller

Supported by Spotify’s ‘Raw & Uncut’, ‘Mood Ring’ and ‘Northern Bars’ editorial playlists, City Fidelia has generated over 7million streams on the streaming platform. His latest project is a 15-track album titled ‘Painkiller’ that chops-between tongue-in-cheek lyricism to observational commentary on the most broken aspects of society.

Olistar - Bando Baby

Olistar, the moniker of Olisa Franklin Emodi, is a Nigerian musician and performer from Onitsha, Anambra State - and he’s offering a Drill sound like no other.

Jay-D - No Painkiller ft Greg Blackman

Jay-D’s sound cannot be put into one box. Rather than taking the traditional rap route, his sound is tinged with a colourful melting pot of influences that include RnB, electronic and pop.

Giya - 4 Once

Born and bred Londoner GIYA is back and ready to make the last part of 2022 hers with her latest single “4 once.” Whilst a lo-fi infused offering, the single is sure to captivate you with its nod to multiple genres, inspirations and musical ideas.


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