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Blog Playlist #44

JYDN HILL - Regrets

A cold winter may be on our horizon, but JYDN HILL heats up on his latest single ‘Regrets’ as he attempts to salvage his relationship.

Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L - “Double Or Nothin”

Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L. is back and ending the year with an atmospheric, rap infused single ‘Double Or Nothin’ alongside a dynamic video for his track ‘Protocol’.

Natalia Salter - 'Million And One'

Natalia Salter has decided to be herself and no one else, meaning that her latest offering ‘Coming Down’ is her most authentic work yet. This is showcased in her emotionally-penned vocals that are poignant on top of well crafted foundation.

AnChelo - A Night To Remember

AnChelo’s new single “A Night To Remember” is set to entice listeners in, bringing a refreshing R&B vibe to the table

The Golden Hour - Lives Like The City

Showcasing the depth of his lyricism with a blend of authenticity, nostalgia, and outright delicious sound, there are many stories yet to be artisanally transformed by The Golden Hour.

The Pretty Ugly - That’s Such A Girl Thing To Say

The Yorkshire band don’t hold back with singalong lines, finding the joy in a sticky situation and wrapping it up into an anthem with radio-ready, hit potential, effortlessly drawing comparisons to the likes of Sea Girls, Inhaler and more.

kimber - Drive Me To The Sea

Kimber’s newest single “Drive Me To The Sea” is an irresistible new offering that is sure to get you up and dancing.

Posse Unit - I Don't Even Know

Having consistently released music since 2020, Red Shakes returns with ‘Borrowed Time’, an upbeat and honest track, reminiscent of 00’s indie with a bassline that will instantly hook the listener in.


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