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Blog Playlist #48

pictured: NxFxce

DOVE-i - ‘The Revolution’

DOVE-i- is a musical collective that aims to collaborate with as many different artists as possible and expand their sonic landscape as far as it can go. Their latest offering "The Revolution" blends contemporary genres with cinematic elements and addresses hard-hitting events of the global BLM movement through the lyrics and a post-apocalyptic music video.

Ginger and the Peppers - ‘Out Of Phase’

Ginger & The Peppers have announced their debut with the new single "Out Of Phase" which puts their stamp on the last part of 2022. The track is a colorful musical melting pot of thrashing drums, overdrive soaked guitars, and irresistible vocal lines that takes inspiration from modern life and the journey we all are taking through it.

Yelleaux - ‘Rich Bastard’

Yelleaux is a rapper from New Orleans who has just released the rap-infused debut single ‘Rich Bastard’ to kickstart his music career in 2023. He has started his own label, Trap Boss Records, with the ambition of helping others kickstart their music careers, mentoring youth and providing opportunities within the entertainment industry for them.

Tapwaterlucy - ‘Speed Dial’

Tapwaterlucy is back with a new catchy and distinctive single entitled “Speed Dial.” The track features a diverse blend of powerful drums, futuristic synths and memorable vocal lines that pay tribute to classic influences while also showcasing her own distinct musical style. Tapwaterlucy’s music breaks and explores genre boundaries, offering a sound that has a contemporary focus at the core of it, with a major electropop influence.

TightFist - ‘The Plug Project’

TightFist is back with a new irresistible album entitled ‘The Plug Project’, which is no ordinary release. Throughout the 7-tracks, TightFist will musically immerse you into his world and take you on a journey, featuring playful-penned tracks such as "Slip n Slide" (ft. Negrito) and hard-hitting offerings like "Droptop" and "Vvs".

Queen Cult - ‘Lollipop’

Queen Cult is actively proving that rock has a place within 2023 with their unique and captivating take on the genre, gathering support from fans and music tastemakers alike. Their latest offering "Lollipop" sets the pace for their brand new EP 'For Now, Not Forever' and showcases their ability to blend heavy-hitting drums and overdrive soaked guitars with electronic elements and pop sensibilities in their lyrics.

NxFxce - ‘BFF’

NxFxce, an emerging artist, has released a new Pop and R&B single, "BFF", which is a melancholic ode to the end of close relationships, with a candid and tender approach to his craft and production that allows his unique artistry to shine through. He's a multi-genre experimentalist, delving into experimental rap, pop, and other genres, delivering an atmospheric soundscape that is packed with unique lyrics and distinct melodic vocals.

Tay Toe - ‘Habits and Setbacks’

Tay Toe is back with a new, electrifying 11-track album "Habits and Setbacks." The album features his signature sound for the most part that consists of energetic drums, uplifting synths and prominent but melodic vocal lines. However, certain tracks, such as "What You Deserve" showcase a more intense, atmospheric sound, further captivating the listener in and showcasing another side to the artist.

Poison Oak - ‘Found Myself’

Poison Oak are back with a new captivating single “Found Myself.” Poison Oak demonstrate their diverse musical palette with a blend of energetic drums, distorted guitars and grooving bass lines. As always, Poison Oak finds the perfect balance between modern and fresh, resulting in a sound that honours indie-rock legends but remains uniquely their own.

Pook Hustle - ‘Grammy’

Pook Hustle is back and is set to make a statement in 2023 with a new single "Grammy." Musically, "Grammy" is a blend of fierce drums, ethereal synths and silken backing vocals. Pook Hustle's bars cut through the mix, with his distinct voice complementing the powerful and emotional lyrics. The track pays tribute to various genres and influences, with a unique, catchy R&B flavor heard throughout the track.

Lucia - ‘Feel Alive’

Lucia is back with a new irresistible offering “Feel Alive.” A Progressive-House track at heart, the single aims to showcase a musical development for Lucia in all aspects, and she’s definitely done that, a more defined and refined sound can be heard on this single. Lucia blends contemporary with modern within the crisp production of the track. “Feel Alive” is a club-filling anthem that leaves you feeling empowered with its positive lyricism.

Quiet Houses - ‘Hot and Clumsy’

Edinburgh duo Quiet Houses reveal their new single ‘Hot and Clumsy’, a delightful fusion of dreamy bedroom pop, mathematical guitar riffs, and danceable beats, the track is a melting pot of classic coming-of-age tales of parties and attraction, blended with a soundscape fitting for an era of music where genre knows no boundaries. The duo, Jamie Stewart and Hannah Elliott, look back on formative memories of growing up together in Edinburgh and in their upcoming follow-up EP ‘Since July’, they fuse indie-folk textures with lush pop production.


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