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Blog Playlist #7

Reece Lemonius - Something I Can Feel

The new single ‘Something I Can Feel’ from Reece Lemonius is a polished R&B-pop offering indicative of his gleaming potential. The magnitude of the track’s dark, compelling sound will engulf you; Reece’s masterful melodies are infectious, driven by explosive beats which carry the energy right through to the song’s electric guitar led outro. Listen here.

Offrami - One Time

Offrami has been making a name for himself on the dance scene, having surpassed 70 million streams on Spotify and been supported by the likes of Diplo and The Chainsmokers. His new release ‘One Time’ is filled with buoyant rhythms, dreamy hook lines and infectious vocal cuts. Taking listeners into a summery haze, it has all the ingredients of a house hit. Listen here.


The enchanting acoustic ballad ‘Lord’ was released on June 5th by Swiss R&B prodigy LAGIOIA. Inspired by the likes of Erykah Badu and Alicia Keys, LAGIOIA’s soulful vocals glide effortlessly between honeyed falsetto and emotive belts. Cast over graceful guitar melodies, she sings candidly about struggles with self-love. Listen here.

Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L - Neon Blue

Set in an iridescent haze of LED lights and smoke plumes, the video for Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L’s interlude ‘Neon Blue’ is out now. With shots of Breon alone in a small bedroom, a sense of reflection is conjured, echoing the song’s pensive lyrics. The moody percussion and dark hip-hop flow of this interlude is complemented by the visuals. Watch here.

Dylan Joshua - hologramº EP

The new EP from Canadian hip-pop artist Dylan Joshua takes listeners into a futuristic realm. It features five tracks of Joshua’s mellifluous rap flowing over dark chill-hop beats, with celestial riffs providing catchy hooks. Whilst the sound has moments of hip-hop, R&B and alt-pop, the concept is firmly rooted in mental health and the digitalised world. Listen here.

Anna Aarons - Since You Went Away

Singer-songwriter Anna Aarons specialises in a unique brand of soulful indie-pop which champions female empowerment. ‘Since You Went Away’ begins with a snippet of Anna’s late grandma covering Sarah Vaughan’s ‘Passing Strangers’, before moving towards lyrics that depict grief yet are uplifted by upbeat rhythms and elated melodies. Listen to the track here.


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