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Blog Playlist #78

This week's top picks..


Madanes - In Love With Laura Ingraham [What's Wrong With Me]

Barton Hartshorn - Sister Bird

Nire Bird - Obsessor Doll

Luciano Mendonca - Sign In The Stars

Runrummer - All I Wanted Was To Be Romantic

Beau James Wilding - Here There Be Dragons

Chris Birdd - ASCENSON E.P [VOL 1]

Addley - Take Me Home

92Elm - Tell No Tales

Jay Moussa-Mann - Ghosts

Rollie and Cool & Dre - Defender

SlickBoy Nae - Filtered

Indyana - the moon in the morning

LDRDO - Doing My Best

Merlot Embargo - All Wrong

Charlie Tonight - Do You Want Me (Come On)

Tiyto - Reside

Gayathri Krishnan - Low Low


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