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Blog Playlist #8

Holly Abraham - Love Will Come (EP)

Indie folk-pop artist Holly Abrahams has released her debut EP ‘Love Will Come’, a project which delivers emotive lyrics with integrity and nuanced production. The title track embodies this record; Holly’s husky vocals sing above softly strummed guitar and sweeping strings, creating a sound that feels immense in its potential and tender in its delivery. Listen here.

MYRY - Stuck In A Loop (Remix)

Producers and siblings Molly Mouse and Jett Polo have released a remix of MYRY’s soft pop offering ‘Stuck In A Loop.’ Through buoyant beats and tropical house elements, the duo have elevated the track into a summer anthem, without compromising the ethereal nature of MYRY’s breathy vocals on the original track. Give it a listen here.

Krooked Kings - Fool’s Gold

An anthem designed for beachy summers, the new single ‘Fool’s Gold’ from Krooked Kings is an indie-rock offering dipped in pop production. Winsome vocals, layered guitar melodies and kinetic percussion form the crux of this track, which sounds bright and fresh without losing its rock edge. Krooked Kings are setting themselves up for great success. Listen here.

Sophia Gripari - Lie to Me

There’s a duality to the latest single from pop prodigy Sophia Gripari; the dynamic production is uplifting, whilst the vulnerable lyrics incite a more emotional response. Driven by acoustic guitar and Sophia’s angelic vocals, the song’s hushed chorus erupts into an energetic hook. Reminiscent of Julia Michaels, this nuanced pop track glistens with potential. Listen here.

Cat Janice - Luxury

This upbeat indie-pop track beams with summer anthem energy. Cat’s distinctive tone and clever rhymes set the song a calibre above, and the grooving melodies are effortlessly infectious. A classically trained musician hailing from the Washington DC music scene, Cat Janice has a lot of expertise to pull from, and that skill is audible in her music. Listen here.

Peter Vogelaar - Inner Creatures

Peter Vogelaar manages to integrate the inwards with the outwards on his eclectic new album ‘Inner Creatures.’ The Irish producer expertly weaves together electronic beats and distorted bass riffs with atmospheric sounds, and the theme of introspection forms of the backbone of the record. Filled with spacey floor-fillers, this is not an album to be missed. Listen here.

Vintage Culture - Vintage Culture & Friends 3

One of the most influential Brazilian artists of his generation, Vintage Culture’s global presence is growing in line with his surging beats. His new EP is a darker affair, with a synth-led cinematic soundscape. A master of suspenseful electronic dance drops, Vintage Culture is at his very best on the grooving opening track ‘Colour of My Heart.’ Listen here.


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