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Blog Playlist #83

This week's must-have playlist additions..

Pictured: Barbara Falzoni

Barbara Falzoni - RAW (EP)

august at night - Glow

Casey Carmichael - Come Home My Love

Maeesha B - If Only U Knew (EP)

First Day Of Spring - You're Blue I'm Blue

Jerry Jean - Lean In

House Of Miagi - Somebody

Contemporary Club - Plastic Dream

NxFxce - Grazie Dio (EP)

Second Language - Swing Time

Remus Rujinschi - YOU and EYE

Tamara Kramar - Make It Poetic (EP)

Cris Cap - Unrequited (EP)

Ebony Buckle - Fall Behind

Runrummer - Orbit

Dolce Blue - Sweet Melancholy (Deluxe)

Lesser Jay - King Of Empathy


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