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Blog Playlist #9

Shaé Universe - Levels

‘Levels’ is the newest creation from the unmistakable force that is Shaé Universe. This sultry RnB bop follows the release of ‘You Lose’ which received rapturous acclaim from the likes of Notion and some notable Spotify editorial lists. ‘Levels’ proves to be a more subdued affair, with Shaé showcasing her free-flowing vocal and carefully crafted lyrics. Take a listen here.

No-Uh - Medicine

Born & raised in Tacoma, WA, & currently based out of Seattle, WA. Rapper No-Uh delivers thought provoking lyricism, tied together with an energetic flow. Inspired by conscious rap, and boom bap, No-Uh pulls his influences from artists like Eminem, Biggie Smalls, Nas, Lil Wayne, Mac Miller and many other artists of that nature to create his own style. Check his release out here.

Black Sands - High Life

‘High Life’ is the upcoming single from Amsterdam-based Black Sands. This dark and electric offering is an alchemy of genres; Martino’s R&B vocals meet propulsive hip-hop beats, underpinned by rock influences and coated in electro-pop. Each element that is added to the track brings a different texture, yet never compromises the overall harmony. Take a listen here.

FIERO - Coupe

Coupe is the remarkable single from the alternative duo FIERO. Their first single, a reworking of Elliott Smith’s 1997 single ‘Between The Bars’, took on notable blog acclaim and received favourable DSP support. The pairing have since departed from their leftfield downtempo debut, now opting for a clean cut original which slots neatly into the centre lane of dream-pop. Listen to the single here.

Conrad Ashton - Like No One Else Do

As an ever-evolving, no-frills singer and songwriter, Conrad Ashton shares a modern rock direction that is firmly rooted in the classic pop sound. And after a flurry of bright and engaging releases over the last few years, he now returns with his latest single ‘Like No One Else Do’, lifted from his new EP ‘No Post On Sundays’. Listen to the release here.

Tatiana Scott - Liar

Tatiana Scott is a US based singer-songwriter whose latest single ‘Liar’ proves to be an emotional gut wrenching ballad. Discussing a poignant narrative of doomed romance, Tatiana truly wears her heart on her sleeve. Produced by Grammy Award winner John Kilgore, this is arguably Tatiana’s ambitious single yet. Listen to 'Liar' here.

Saige - Late Nights

They say some things are better left unsaid. Not so for songwriter Saige— the things we’re afraid to talk about the singer embraces in her boldly vulnerable songwriting. The Irish artist returns today with Late Nights’. Following previous releases 'Soothe Me' and 'Ultraviolence', the new single delves into themes of doubt and introspection and is truly a post-break up track. Check it out here.

Enkay - Once In A Lifetime

‘Once In A Lifetime’ is the newest release from rising US hip-hop star Enkay, whose newest track is a more sober affair. Emotive, subdued and poignant, Enkay has ditched his hard hitting rap and opted for a sincere and melodic vocal style which suits the release perfectly. With it’s stripped back production, the track shows Enkay’s versatility. Dive in here.

SilverCoast - You Could Have It All

Silver Coast bring a fresh sound to Alt Rock and Pop Punk styles with the release of their new single ‘You Could Have It All’. The track captures the fun, feel-good nostalgia from 90’s Pop Punk, with the addition of an Indie-style, contemporary spin. Give it a spin here .

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