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Breakout Pop artist noelle reveals the emotion inducing 'Therapy'

Raised on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Ontario, breakthrough singer-songwriter noelle unveils ‘Therapy’, the first single from her upcoming debut album.

Highlighting the importance of connection, ‘Therapy’ sees noelle narrate the difficulty and the beauty of being there for someone when times are tough, exploring the true meaning of love, friendship and care.

Based on real-life experiences, ‘Therapy’ takes listeners on an intimate journey through noelle’s eyes, hearing what she heard and feeling what she felt during those pressing moments. Delivered as a smooth pop single with modern RnB sensibilities, ‘Therapy’ is a demonstration of noelle’s emotive, reflective and evocative songwriting at its best. Written with the utmost empathy and compassion, noelle hopes that in lending her vulnerability to us, she can encourage her listeners to seek help when they need it most and know that they are not alone in their suffering.

Speaking on her latest single, noelle shares:

“Writing ‘Therapy’ was healing for me, getting all of my feelings out into a song. It’s really heartbreaking watching someone you love go through a hard time, especially when they don’t open up to get the help that they need. Therapy is about reassuring someone that you’re always going to be there for them.”


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