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British songwriter Jolé offers soothing comfort in 'Alpine Green'

Last year, Jolé made his introduction with a splendid self-titled debut album. It was a menagerie of alt-folk melodies, softly plucked strings, atmospheric production and the artist's tender vocals and lyrics. This British songwriter's latest track 'Alpine Green' is a delightful continuation of the record's soothing sound, much to the pleasure of Jolé's loyal listeners.

What has changed is the context in which we're hearing 'Alpine Green'. While the track was written"about feeling grateful in the moment but wanting someone you love to experience it with you also," as Jolé puts it, it's since become a poignant song for those missing their friends, family and loved ones throughout the various global lockdowns.

Here we hope that you can find some comfort and solace in Jolé soothing new single.


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