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'Broadway' is the soul and jazz infused single from Peak Futures

It wasn't that long ago that we introduced you to Peak Futures with their star gazing single "Orion" in which the band collated footage from NASA for their cosmic music video. Back on earth and the collective of musicians has shared a much more human-relevant perspective of chasing your dreams in a big city in "Broadway". Based on the experience of the band's founder Chris Hills, who lived in New York for ten years, this luscious soul and jazz infused single tells us of "a character who comes to the city struggling to make a new life, but who is still tied to their past". Written with and featuring the vocals of Joe Bernie, Hills recalls how much the lyrics and chord progressions struck a note within his being. As he goes on to say, "Like the generations of musicians that went before me, living in New York had an influence on my musical sensibility that's hard to overstate."

Produced mainly in remote sessions during the pandemic, "Broadway" is the third single to be released from Peak Futures' upcoming album, Colours of the Sun.


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