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Broken Bricks share their genre-defying electronic sound on their new track ‘Tapestry’

Broken Bricks take on electronic UK garage and house sounds as well as indie nods on their new electronic-infused track, ‘Tapestry’. Vocalist Christianne’s distinctive vocals and sensual lyrics take centre stage, supported by an array of rhythmic and melody-heavy, polyphonic sounds. Relaxed and enticing verses contrast with addictive chorus hooks, spicing up their sound at every twist and turn.

Broken Bricks reveal: “‘Tapestry’ came from a different place than most of the rest of the album, moving away from the more classic indie vibe, we went for a deep sensual sub sound which carries a lot of movement, to better represent Christianne's intimate and sensual lyrics about sexual gratification.”

Broken Bricks have made eclectic and euphoric electronic sounds their own with this exciting new track and it’ll certainly keep you on your toes.


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