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Buster drops 'SmallTownCalmDown'

Hailing from Romford, BUSTER’s infectious sound harks back to the early noughties, a time of street-smart lyricism wrapped up with a dose of working class attitude. BUSTER’s newest title ‘SmallTownCalmDown’ is just that, with a grooving garage bass groove countering BUSTER’s falsetto vocal. Discussing the release BUSTER explains:

“The main theme of this track is the relationship of a typical suburban couple, but one dreams of a more exciting life, and the other only cares about what is going on in their small town. I wanted to capture lyrically a mood and feel of a Ken Loach film, with a more contemporary portrait of suburban life and its issues.”

Endorsed by Fred Perry Subculture, BUSTER’s ‘SmallTownCalmDown’ joins a promising back-catalog made up of 2019’s ‘Its Me Buster’ and ‘Ciggies N Cologne’. Merging RnB lyricism and the anthemic production of classic garage anthems, this London-lad is a welcomed breath of fresh air in an industry packed with bravado and self importance.


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