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California artist Yoni returns with vivid gem 'Portraits'

He grew up moving around quite a bit and discovered the connection that is shared amongst different cultures and people is art. With his mom being a creative writing teacher, him and his siblings were subjected to the endless creativity of poetry. Writing became his vice through which he felt he could express his everyday thoughts, questions and answers to what he saw around him.

Speaking about the new release, Xaver shares, "Portraits" is a song I wrote to talk about the hidden intricacies of judgment, what it feels like when you feel seen but misunderstood, much like how we tend to believe we know what an artist meant with a painting only based off of face value.” Musically, the track is based around a laid back arrangement with a relaxing persona. Philosophical and endearing, Xaver adds; “This song was a long process. It started with the lyrics, writing something I was feeling and needed to express. Over time I went through many beats with this song, each one changing the meaning of the lyrics and not fully grasping the meaning. Once I finally found this beat it perfectly fit what I was trying to get out of my head, but ultimately also made me change the lyrics, because I felt I needed to remould my thoughts into the emotion of the beat.


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