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Callum Crighton unleashes synth-wave infused debut EP 'Lazer Police: The Musical'

An artist that deserves to have his name in golden lights, Callum Crighton is a singer-songwriter that should be at the top of everyone's lists to listen to. A colourful creative and multi-talented, this self-produced icon could easily become the new face of electronic pop music. Released worldwide today, 'Lazer Police: The Musical' could easily become a household name and give Callum the pedestal he truly deserves.

Speaking about the nostalgic yet refreshing upcoming EP and last track on the release ‘Universal Hand’, Callum shares, “This track was inspired by the loneliness yet togetherness one can feel from the age of digital communication. It has an old school 80's ballad sound with a more modern upbeat drum movement to connect the nostalgic ideals of the past with the electronic realities of the present. This track could loosely be seen as a reference to the isolation people felt during the 2020 pandemic, but extends much further, and can also be about the loneliness one may feel within themselves.”

Stream Lazer Police: The Musical below


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