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Cameron and the Slumberknights release 'Midnight'

Fronted by South African Rapper/Songwriter Cameron Donald, Contemporary R&B/Rap group Cameron and the Slumberknights have become entrenched in London’s bubbling pop-soul scene having cut their teeth alongside stagemates Mathilda Homer, Isaac Waddington, Zebede and Josie Man. The band’s debut single ‘Pour’ – an anti-love song with J.Dilla influenced grooves and intricate lyrics – was released in March 2020, and has been streamed over 40,000 times.

The swung hip-shaker is followed by the group’s new single “MIDNIGHT”: a passionate and vibe-laden lament. Cameron forsakes the frantic pressures of living in London, comparing it to Gotham City; he relishes a life by the fire beneath the stars. Brimming with sparkling guitars and glued together by hearth-warm backing vocals, “MIDNIGHT” explores themes such as adulthood, youth and mental health.


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