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Catching up with Paisley Park

Loaded with a new release titled 'Never Played It Safe', Paisley Park are our favourite welsh-rock outfit right now. We decided to pile in for a virtual chat, about their music, lockdown and their future.

What inspires your writing?

For us it’s all about telling stories and building great melodies and hook lines for the choruses. We have been brought up in a tough valley’s town in South Wales which has lots of character and lot’s more back stories from all generations. Listening to people real life experiences and experiencing our own is what inspires the music we produce. Outside influences have always been Bob Dylan, Noel Gallagher and Kelly Jones with our own spin on those.

How has Wales influenced your music?

Growing up in a tough Valley town where everyone doesn’t have much but we all grew up having nothing much together and this brought us closer. When we create and release our music we feel we are doing something good for ourselves but then you get the feedback from those around you and realise you are doing something for the town to be proud of. Also we realise that boys from a council estate can actually make it big with the likes of the Stereophonic and Manic Street Preachers going global we think why not, why not us if we all work hard enough.

How are you coping in lockdown at the moment?

Obviously it’s not ideal as we missed out on a top of the bill London show the night after lockdown began and we don’t expect to be out gigging for while which is a bit frustrating. Having said that the time has meant we have a lot of time to write new songs which we are really looking forward to releasing when we can get back in the studio. We also took the opportunity to set up a new rehearsal studio for ourselves which we will be going straight into when lockdown measures start to ease which again will give us a great chance to write more in the coming weeks and months.

Anything on the horizon for us to check out?

We have a brand new single out and another single and a five track EP to follow. With the studio now ready we hope to be releasing some online videos and rough mixes of our new tracks to keep our fanbase in touch with what we are doing and what they can look forward to when we can get back to what we do best and gig.

If you could curate a 3 day festival - who would headline?

Headline would be Paisley Park of course, followed up by the Kings of Leon and a special guest invite for Bob Dylan at his Peak would do it for us – A certain sell-out anywhere in the world

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