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Chaz Cardigan opens up in expressive track 'Middle Of The Road'

Chaz Cardigan possesses a bona fide ability to convey emotions through his music which is hard to come by these days. His latest offering is the new single ‘Middle Of The Road’, an iridescent pop-rock track featuring emphatic drums, powerful vocals and addictive melodies. It’s upbeat and empowering, with an underlying vulnerability that will make you want to dance and cry at the same time. 

“‘Middle Of The Road’ came from ruminating on what my life would’ve been like if I’d stayed in my hometown,” Chaz Cardigan says of the song. “I realized I would’ve been miserable, stuck in a cycle of debt and probably addicted to something, pretending to be someone I’m not for the rest of my life.”

Originating from a small town in Kentucky, Chaz Cardigan has proven his ability to transform vulnerabilities into sanguine alt-pop tracks, gaining consistent recognition from Billboard and Spotify. His new track ‘Middle Of The Road’ was co-written with Simon Oscroft (Dreams, The Naked And Famous) and Dan Book (5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low), and is sure to put Chaz Cardigan in the fast lane towards well-deserved commercial success. 


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