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Chaz Cardigan releases 'Everything's Wrong'

Singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Chaz Cardigan has released his new single ‘Everything's Wrong’. The track showcases a personal evolution from the mental health struggles expressed in his ‘Vulnerabilia’ EP from earlier this year. A combination of vivacious percussion and emphatic guitar lines give the song a pop-rock edge, propelling the irresistible indie-pop melodies. This upbeat, anthemic track exhibits masterful song-writing, with the evocative lyrics touching on some of the darker depths of contemporary society.

“‘Everything’s Wrong’ is about not letting a breakdown keep you broken down. There’s liberation in feeling low because things can only get better,” Chaz Cardigan explains about his new release. “‘Everything’s Wrong’ is what it feels like for a cycle to actually break – to say ‘okay, on to the next thing!’ It’s me saying, ‘I accept the chaos, I accept that everything is always changing. I’m going to ride the dragon and change with everything around me.’”

A self-taught musician, Chaz has been making a name for himself on the Nashville music scene. Since releasing his debut album ‘I’ in 2017, he has sold out headline shows and received acclaim from the likes of Billboard and The Nashville Scene. He has also received recognition from Imogen Heap and Queer Eye’sJonathan Van Ness, as well as featuring on the soundtrack for the popular Netflix film ‘To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You’. His new single ‘Everything’s Wrong’, co-written by Julian Dente and produced by Simon Oscroft, is another explosive indicator of Chaz Cardigan’s dazzling talent.


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