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Chaz Cardigan releases feel-good power track ‘Live A Little’

A thrilling fusion of pop and punk, Chaz Cardigan’s ‘Live A Little’ is an incredibly uplifting anthem, with catchy melodies, inspiring lyrics and and overall powerful energy that is instantly mood boosting.The song is heard in the promotional campaign for “Tiny World,” a new Apple TV Plus documentary series that premieres 2nd October.

Discussing his new single, Chaz said: “I write a lot about nuance, grey in-betweens; and ‘Live A Little’ is just straightforward and fun. It’s a great big golden retriever of a song, I want it to feel like a hug from a friend you haven’t seen in a long time,” says Chaz. “It’s cool to see it find a home in the promo spot for Tiny World! I’m a total junkie for nature documentaries, and it makes me really happy to think the song is attached to a show that could really inspire kids and adults to look a little closer at the world around us.”

Moving from his hometown of Elizabethtown, KY to Nashville when he was only 17, Chaz’s free-spirited nature is perfectly captured in his music. His single, ‘S.O.S.’ was named as one of “The 25 Best Songs By LGBTQ Artists In 2020 (So Far)” by Billboard, and many of Chaz’s singles have made their way onto Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, resulting in him becoming the first artist jointly signed to Capitol Records and Loud Robot, which is the record label from J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot. As his successes continue to build, this powerhouse is one to keep an eye on.

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