Chillhum and Devyn Sawyer share alt-pop track 'Waste My Time'

The phrase that immediately pops into mind when listening to 'Waste My Time' from Chillhum and Devyn Sawyer is "late summer sweetness." There's still a lingering warmth in the atmosphere of this alternative-pop track, yet there's a cosiness too; one might imagine a couple snuggling up in the evening after a day walking through the woods.

This impression comes to us via lofi acoustic strings, ticking high-hat taps, clicking beats and bottomed-out bass. In all in, it's a production with lots of energy that lifts the listener's soul a little, but those relaxed and nourishing vocals, cool it all down as not to exhaust the listener either.

It's clear that everyone involved in 'Waste My Time' is super talented and thoughtful about the songwriting process, as you'll gather from the quote we have included below the stream.

“For ‘Waste My Time’ I had been super inspired by all the recent acoustic-electronic hybrid songs I had been hearing lately so I programmed an upbeat catchy drum pattern, picked up the acoustic guitar (as is one of my absolute favourite ways to write) and began to come up with some strumming patterns that fit the groove of the drums. This is a super simple instrumental but it really is all about the groove between the acoustic guitar and the drums, which I think is a common thread found through a lot of my music.

Immediately upon finishing the instrumental and writing the melody for the chorus Devyn came into mind, as I had a feeling this song would fit really nicely in her range and would give her amazing voice a chance to shine because of the track’s somewhat minimal instrumentation. I sent her the instrumental with my scratch version of the chorus (lyrically the same as the final version, but Devyn would go on to make some small melodic/rhythmic changes) and she seemed excited to work on it. She came to record a couple of weeks later and sang what she had written live to me over the instrumental and I was absolutely blown away. I loved what she wrote and my goal was to make the final product sound as close to that first live version that I heard.”