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Chris Andreucci releases new EP 'What Don't Kill You'

Quickly becoming one of the most promising acts to emerge onto the Country scene in years, Chris Andreucci releases new EP 'What Don't Kill You'. With an appearance at the huge SSE Hydro Arena in Scotland, a recording contract and plans to move to the heart of it all, Nashville, Chris Andreucci is known for creating music straight from the soul. Heart-warming and using personal experiences to convey each story, the EP includes 6 tracks of perfectly honed country gems.

Talking about the highs and the lows, Chris mentioned, “2020 has been a crazy year. It was set to be a year full of highs - a performance at C2C Festival at The Hydro in Glasgow alongside my favourite artists such as Luke Combs, an EP launch and then a move out to

Nashville in July. But in reality, like so many other people, the year was filled with lows. All my shows were cancelled or rescheduled due to COVID and as a direct result of this my visa application fell through as I had no activities lined up. In addition, the social distancing measures and restrictions in place slowed down the EP release process. I’ve been fortunate enough to still be able to do something that I love and I’m hopeful that next year things will slowly get back to normal. I’m looking forward to playing the rescheduled C2C gig in Glasgow as well as the Texas Scottish Festival, in Decatur next May.”

An experience best played loud, 'What Don't Kill You' soars through adventure and love.

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