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Ci Majr offers a fabulously energetic new indie-pop single ‘Summer Drug’

Warming the wintery streets with a sizzling new single, Ci Majr treats us all to a fabulously energetic indie-pop offering, ‘Summer Drug’. Following on from her previous releases, ‘Wiggle Room’, ‘Amsterdam’, and ‘Sad Girl’, ‘Summer Drug’ sees the Atlanta based singer, songwriter and producer take on a slightly new sonic direction opting for a more upbeat, dance-pop vibe compared to her previous, more R&B influenced tracks. As the first single to be unveiled from her upcoming EP, Side Effects, ‘Summer Drug’ provides an insight as to what may come from Ci Majr.

Based on the awkward, lonely time right after a breakup, ‘Summer Drug’ tackles the indecision and toxic behaviours that come with wanting physical human connection but being too afraid to trust and fully let go emotionally. Dressed in shimmering pop beats and an up-tempo, dance chorus, ‘Summer Drug’ sees Ci Majr disguise blunt, biting lyrics in playful and euphoric production, resulting in the ultimate metaphor for the thrilling highs and bitter lows of a post-breakup, summertime fling.

“Lyrically the inspiration was being in a place where you basically refuse to make yourself romantically vulnerable even though you've met a person who has boyfriend/girlfriend potential. I think a lot of us have been in a place where we've been hurt from a relationship and have a hard time opening up again, so even when a good thing comes around you keep them at an arm’s length to keep yourself from getting hurt. So this song is saying ‘yes, you can absolutely satisfy my physical needs but we're not taking it further than that’; likening ‘using’ someone for their body just like you'd use a drug of some sort.”


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