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Clifford delivers mesmerising new single ‘Mariana’

Photo: Reeves Production

Having already been supported by the likes of legendary mentor and Grammy-award winning drummer Jerome ‘Bigfoot’ Brailey for his releases so far, fast-rising artist Clifford returns to deliver his mesmerising new single 'Mariana'.

Building upon his distinctive flair for dark and pulsing electro-pop endeavours, 'Mariana' showcases him as a wonderfully bold and kaleidoscopic name breaking through right now. With his brooding demeanour drenched over a pulsing bassline and spiked electronics throughout, he is truly making a bold statement with this new offering.

Adding about the inspiration behind 'Mariana', he said, “Mariana is an analogy for deep love and making a grand gesture. From its mysteriousness to its peacefulness, its unknowns to its harmony, its dark notes to its beauty, ‘Mariana’ is a place of vulnerability. The protagonist is someone who is fed up with superficial love, and realizes they must be willing to “dive to the depths of the ocean” to truly find the passion they’re looking for. The Mariana is an anomaly on earth, and true love can sometimes feel that way as well. Finding that one true love is scary, it requires delving into the unknown with a constant potential of getting hurt, much like diving into the Mariana.”

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