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Common Criminal puts his own spin on a 90’s classic for newest release ‘Torn’

Common Criminal delivers reverberating beats and echoey vocals in his new release, a reimagined version of the 1997 hit ‘Torn’ by Natalie Imbruglia. The emotion-filled, modern cover carries an indie electronic sound that captivates from the very start, and laced with a raw, lo-fi quality, the track is a genius twist on the sensational anthem.

Common Criminal is the side project of Dedric Clark, the lead singer of the band Social Animals. Although 2020 has been a tough year for most, Dedric explains how the time has been positive for his musical creativity, and the birth of Common Criminal: “There are more similarities than there are differences between a touring musician and a common criminal. I‘ve always said that without music, my existence would likely boil down to the latter. Maybe you’ve heard, but there is currently a worldwide pandemic that has made touring physically impossible. Unfortunately for me, it has also made being a criminal much more difficult as well. But rather than prove myself wrong, I have decided to start Common Criminal, a project where I can release whatever the fuck I want. I’m tired of waiting around for something to tour on. I want to remember that I’m a musician every now and then. Now I can.

Watch the video for ‘Torn’ below:


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