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common goldfish & Dabieh collaborate on sonic time capsule "Tottenham Ritzy"

"Tottenham Ritzy" by common goldfish is a poignant musical pilgrimage through the vibrant history of London's rave culture. As someone deeply immersed in music culture history, this track resonates with the nostalgia of a bygone era, paying homage to the iconic Tottenham Ritzy nightclub. Having previously explored common goldfish's eclectic sound, this single stands out as a testament to his ability to blend genres seamlessly. The funk-infused basslines and infectious piano topline not only revive the spirit of the golden age of rave but also lament the unfortunate demise of legendary UK music venues. As a fervent advocate for preserving musical heritage, "Tottenham Ritzy" becomes more than a track; it's a sonic time machine, echoing the euphoria and unity of a cultural movement now engraved in the annals of music history.

“I remember hearing this interview and hearing Slipmatt talk about the Tottenham Ritzy. My ears immediately perked up, then after a quick google search found out a lot more about this venue, which only streets away from where I live, seemed to have such an iconic impact on London rave culture in the 80s and 90s. To be honest as a local artist, there wasn’t much of a thought process after that. I just felt compelled to make a track and share the story of the venue, and this is what it ended up being. It still sits in the same world as other common goldfish but I want the breakdown to transport people to the Ritzy. I want them to feel the sweat dripping from the ceiling!

“Sadly, the venue has since been demolished to make space for flats. It’s such a shame lots of venues like this no longer exist. They seemed to provide a sense of community for lots of people, which somewhat seems to be lacking today.”


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