Connect with Alex Frew's emotional pop single 'Antisocial Love Song'

We've been following the progressive rise of Canadian pop artist Alex Frew since he dropped his debut single 'Get Out Alive', which has been followed up with a visualizer, a live performance and even a lesser-seen real life performance in an Urban Outfitters this past weekend. It must be so challenging to launch your artist's career in 2020, and yet, Frew's music is meeting this obstacle with emotional intelligence and a compelling vulnerability.

His second release 'Antisocial Love Song' connects with us not only as a piece of solid pop songwriting, but also as an experience of navigating love through anxiety, insecurity and even the new limitations thrown up by the world's various lockdowns.

Like a phone conversations between teenage lovers, Alex Frew and A Is For Arrows take turns in expressing their certain love through uncertain times, singing "I'd rather be alone, alone with you" in candescently lilting melodies.

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