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Conrad Ashton Has Done It Again With 'The Longest Night'

He's done it again - UK rock-artist is back with a stunning new single called 'The Longest Night'. Never shy of exploring the rich tapestry of life in all its shades, Ashton delivers rock music infused with the grit of real-life. 'Time flies when you're having fun' is the opening line of this new single - candid, raw, slightly tongue-in-cheek. This song feels like a journey from that first sentence through into the chorus, it feels as if you're driving along in a sports car with the roof top down, cruising into 'the longest night'. What does this 'longest night' refer to we can't help but wonder... When we asked the artist, he said it was a metaphor for the unknown, within one's life. What's interesting about the song is that such dark meaning contrasts with the upbeat groove. Then again, it's precisely that which makes the track such an interesting and very filmesque listen. The long, drawn-out choruses with layers of strings and guitar beautifully reflect the pensive tone of the song. 

Find out more about Conrad Ashton right here: Follow the artist on Spotify HERE

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