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Conrad Ashton's new track 'Those Were The Days' out now

Conrad Ashton's songwriting really shines through on this track. The contrast between the quieter verses and mega rock choruses with a web of built-up production is super effective. There's little moments of country guitar and also of piano in all the right places too. The power of Ashton's lead vocal is brilliant on this too and the lyrics are heart-felt and just the right balance between poetic and relatable everyday.

There's something for everyone in this - be it the deep-thinker, the classic rock lover, the rebel within us all, old and young alike. Conrad Ashton's music has a distinctly universal appeal and the artist avoids the fads of quick fashions in favour of a timeless approach to music-making. His visuals too are much the same; a classic feel to his videos meshed with a touch of the Noughties.

Follow Conrad Ashton on all platforms via CONRADASHTON.CO.UK

Go stream ‘Those Were the Days’ now on all major platforms including Spotify

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