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COOL BOY wows on new EP ‘Classic Charm, Pt.1’

A mix of ambient and hazy, COOL BOY releases an outstanding collection of tracks in ‘Classic Charm Pt.1’. Each telling their own narrative, the five tracks all carry an underlying pulsing beat and glowing, 80’s style synth. COOL BOY’s hypnotic, sometimes distorted, vocals add a gripping layer to his sound, making his vibe all the more pensive. His sound verges on the eerie yet harbours a calming tone that is inexplicably charming.

COOL BOY: “I never go into making a song thinking that I’ll somehow create something perfect, but I love the process. The challenge of making something that I like and that I hope others will like is my favourite part. At the moment, I do everything by myself from writing to the production. So, when I've created something I want to share, I get genuinely excited to hear what people think.”

With a monthly listenership of over 11,000 on Spotify, COOL BOY’s fanbase is rapidly growing. Be sure to tell everyone you discovered him first, or you’ll only regret it when he makes it to the big time.

Listen below:


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