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Cosmopolis share edgy post punk track 'Parasite'

Introducing Post-Punk collective Cosmopolis and their new, dark, infectious art rock track 'Parasite'. Featuring waves of scathing lyricism, and lashings of Gothic Rock, Prog, Electronica and Lofi they amalgamate together to form the dissonant yet eerily beautiful 'Parasite'. The unusual, non conforming band are made up of members from all around the globe, including Australia, Belgium and England and they inhabit a uniquely shadowed and enigmatic atmosphere within the musical spectrum.

Drawing on a multitude of influences ranging from Nick Cave to Joy Division down to Massive Attack and finally the ever-influential Pink Floyd, their music is an exceptional smorgasbord of colour and texture geared towards an incredibly visceral listening experience.

Chaos, dissonance, disarming honesty and immeasurable beauty can be found within this track, so dive deep below... if you dare.


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