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Curse of Lono unveils 'Ursula Andress' music video

Tonight, London mainstays Curse of Lono will be taking to the stage at Electrowerkz to celebrate the launch on their new album, People In Cars. If you can't head down to the show, then fear not, COL has got you covered with a new music video for "Ursula Andress". Of all the eleven songs on the record, this one stands out as a lighter take on the dark tones that have defined much of this psychedelic rock meets alt-americana album. "Ursula Andress" was written for band member Felix Bechtolsheimer's son, in which he imagines the carefree youth he wishes he’d had, sipping margaritas in the back seat of a convertible full of party girls cruising Sunset. In keeping with the contrast, the video shows a the passive, slightly jaded songwriter surrounded by joyful passengers. It all accumulates in a dance party, so enjoy!


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