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D.K. Lyons returns with the uplifting new single 'Everything Is Wonderful'

Having already made a commanding mark on the scene with a flurry of upbeat outings these last few years, including the recent gems ‘Where Do All The Sad Girls Go?’ and ‘When We Were Falling In Love’, New York's D.K. Lyons is back to keep the vibes high once again with his euphoric new outing 'Everything IS Wonderful'.

Continuing to pursue more of that fresh and uplifting pop direction he has quickly earned a reputation for, 'Everything Is Wonderful' makes for a brilliantly fun and joyous listen. With its bouncing aesthetic, killer grooves, and his own lively vocals layered throughout, he is cementing himself as one of the more enjoyable names on the rise right now.

Adding about 'Everything Is Wonderful', he said, “Everything is Wonderful is an infectious dance-pop song focused on appreciating the little things in life as a way to balance out the weight of the big things, told through the lens of a charming and sensual love story. It is one of my favourite songs that I've written because it's really addressing me and kind of telling myself to stop and enjoy life more, because I get so wrapped up in my ambitions and being "productive" that I often lose sight of just how wonderful life can be. It represents a fresh, different sound that I can't wait to share with people.”


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