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Dada Pop channel a psychedelic direction on new single 'Eucalyptus Trance'

Having spent the last year releasing a string of mind-melting and psychedelic hip-hop-inspired offerings, US duo Noah Gold and Urban Ghost aka Dada Pop have now returned with their latest euphoric delight ‘Eucalyptus Trance’.

Taking their cues from the output of Flying Lotus and Lapalux, ‘Eucalyptus Trance’ sees the pair deliver one of their more atmospheric and textured releases to date. Filled with sonically adventurous production, wistful synths, and a killer flow from Noah Gold to boot, this new jam truly sets them apart from the contemporaries filling the hip-hop scene right now.

Speaking about their new single, Noah Gold said, “The track is a sprint, starting off with what almost sounds like an 100m dash starter's pistol. Having lots of content in a small area of space is structurally meant to express the chaos of what youth culture is dealing with due to technological advancements like social media. The second half fast rap section provides a wider perspective of evolutionary history meant to expand our interior worlds into a larger and more graspable vantage.

While producer Urban Ghost added, “The beat emphasises the cramped nature of the song with fast driving percussion overlaid with a droning, huge bass that progresses slowly and steadily. The complex, interwoven nature of the drums informs the themes of the push and pull of history and human nature being overrun and caught up in the tectonic shifts of technology and information.”

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