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Daniele Alan-Carter shares emphatic track ‘Promise You Will Love Me’

Italian-born multitalent Daniele Alan-Carter has dropped his latest uplifting single ‘Promise You Will Love Me’, and it is not to be missed.

Blending his varied musical taste with an eclectic career rooted in both music and acting, Daniele’s theatrical side shines through his newest single, as he delivers a plethora of Pop, Soul and EDM sounds.

Influenced by the likes of Lady Gaga, Elton John and Whitney Houston, Daniele’s style pushes the genre boundaries as he gets experimental and playful in each of his offerings.

Daniele explained “After opening up about some personal and intimate parts of me with "The Mirror", I wanted to create something upbeat to celebrate the upcoming summer. I started to collaborate with Giorgio Tarantino, an Italian born and London based songwriter and “Promise You Will Love Me” came to light. Our main goal was to create a song that would make people feel good this summer, considering that most of us were robbed of a proper one last year; it’s a melancholic happiness, so we don’t forget what we went through in the past year and a half, but also ready to move on.”

He further noted “What we talk about in this song is not a conventional romantic love story; I always like to talk about love in all its forms. It's not only romantic love's prerogative to save us and to complete us; but that can be also the love of a brother, a sister, a friend, a parent, even a pet. I wanted everyone listening to be able to see themselves as the protagonist of this song and be able to find their own dance partner, even if they're single. Myself and producer Tokøta wanted to add a bit of the ‘good old days’ feeling, so we worked on using 80s/90s electronic sounds, where the synth pads drive you through the song together with a rhythmical structure and sounds related more to the EDM and tropical dance world; I wanted the same mix of vintage/new even in the aesthetic of the videoclip. I was inspired deeply by the Netflix series "Sex Education", which blends elements of the 80s/90s together with modern technology, exactly like the arrangement of the song. My wish for this song is that people will play it full blast this summer and will vibe to it with their favourite people.”

With a background in theatre and huge passion for the performing arts, the rising talents began sharing his own material with the world in 2020, and has been making a big impression since. His debut ‘Saving Grace’ reached over 30,000 plays within a month of its release, and placed him on a fast paced trajectory within the industry. His tropical dance remix of ‘Too Good at Goodbyes’ by Sam Smith in collaboration with STRIKE, impressively reached over 45,000 streams in only 2 weeks from its release.

Take a listen to Daniele’s latest drop below:

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