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Dannii Scott returns with the fun-loving new single 'PRETTY LITTLE BABY'

Ever since he broke through with his much-loved debut EP 'BORA' back in 2021, California-based artist Dannii Scott has been on a bold and rampant rise. Delivering a wealth of captivating efforts in the years since, he is now looking to get our feet moving once again on the groove-filled offering 'PRETTY LITTLE BABY'.

With its fun and infectious disco production, matched perfectly to his glittering voice throughout, 'PRETTY LITTLE BABY' makes for an incredibly fun listen from start to finish. Brimming with fresh and toe-tapping hooks that really elevate his distinctive direction, he is returning with one of his most exciting efforts to date here.

Speaking about the new track, Dannii said, “PRETTY LITTLE BABY is about falling madly in love at first sight with a pretty little baby and knowing you would do anything for her to return the feeling of love.”


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