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David Read unveils the immersive new EP 'In That Blue'

After cementing himself with a flurry of broad and captivating electronic gems these last few years, Californian producer David Read continues his vibrant ascent as he drops the immersive new EP 'In That Blue'.

Featuring the rousing focus single 'Cormac', this new four-track collection perfectly illustrates the bold and inventive approach he has been pursuing since he first emerged. Playing and reinventing his direction at almost every turn, 'In That Blue' makes for a kaleidoscopic listen, brimming with captivating textures throughout.

Adding about the release, he said, “This project contemplates the end of a long relationship. It touches on the idea of being caught between seemingly incompatible truths. One one hand, something extremely unhealthy. On the other hand, incredible growth and loyal friendship. Lead single Cormac has the author Cormac McCarthy as its namesake. The writer's sparse prose and unparalleled ability to communicate beauty and carnage were direct inspirations for the song. Its vocal centerpiece portrays an image of a mountain in flames - the forest animals escaping down the mountainside as their fur smokes. Cormac is about finally escaping an ultimately unhealthy relationship.”

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