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Desperate Times EP is Mighloe's indie-R&B wonder

Welcome back once again Mighloe! This Canadian songwriter had barely side-stepped off our radar before she appeared once again with a her first official EP called Desperate Times. Consisting of seven tracks, the EP is the story of an artist confident in herself, her life choices and her musical style. Rooted in R&B, with swirling electronic textures and sensual touches of soul, the EP opens with "Stolen Paradise" with its dreamy production and Mighloe's yearning vocals - this is where you get hooked. Next is "Cruel", the EP's focus track and one that's accompanied by a simple music video (see below). This is an raw, vulnerable acoustic song that proves that this vocalist doesn't need all the production and misdirection to deliver a stunning performance, her voice really is that good. Sandwiched between the previously featured "Don't Call Me" and "Rainy Days" is the title-track "Desperate Times", an enchanting although melancholic narrative, and reverb-heavy "Euphoria", which leans a little more into the mainstream that other tracks while retaining Mighloe's smokey R&B core. Closing the EP, we have "Into The Tide" which once again features those reverbed strings, lo-fi production and Mighloe's velvety vocals. As you'll catch from the lyrics, this final track is an all-out love song in which the infatuated musician declares just how deep her emotion goes.


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