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Dezabel Reveals Latest Single ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait No More’

Mastering the art of producing a dancefloor track with a narrative, Dezabel is starting the year right with his latest offering ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait No More’.

With aspects of EDM, pop and R&B prominent throughout, the passionate lyrics, sung by Calvin Biasi and Jazelle Paris, add a unique swing to the rhythm, making it a stand-out single. Using a pulsating beat and electric guitar riffs, it weaves in between styles in a way that leaves you hanging on until the very last note.

Having honed his skills from a young age, the Swiss DJ attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music where he gained his vast musical knowledge, mastering his ability to produce and write. As he specialises in songs that are both commercially profound yet have a special touch, he continues to generate timeless classics that wouldn’t go amiss at a festival or in the club.

A track that will appeal to fans of many genres, Dezabel has struck gold with ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait No More’.


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