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Discover The Endorphins' Afterglow EP

In the human body, endorphins are produced to reduce pain and boost pleasure; in essence, they're the scientific reason behind happiness. What the Swedish duo, who have taken this natural pain reliever as their name, want to do is to bring joy and energy to listeners through their music and over the last six months, they've been doing exactly that.

The Endorphins first released 'Dead Or Alive' an undeniable pop banger that first introduced listeners to their blended style of pop, RnB and electro. The message of that song was all about ceasing the day and living in the present, inspired by a day spent at Stockholm city beach.

Following that we heard the uber-sensual 'Parachute', which draws upon 90s RnB melodies and contemporary chill-tempo beats to exude that intimate atmosphere. This personal slow jam is all about the magical, but kinda terrifying, feeling of falling fast in love with someone.

With two singles out there, The Endorphins decided it was hight time to release their sophomore EP, suitably titled 'Afterglow'. With that came three new tracks, 'Home' featuring AMAYA, 'Space Between Us' and 'Afterglow'. Out of all the additional songs, the title-track has to be our personal favourite. The reason being is the divine harmonies between The Endorphins' singer Alva and guest talent Welms, whose golden vocals glide together over an intricate beat-lead production.

In closing, here's what The Endorphins have to say about their new EP:

"The EP is largely based on relationship experiences we’ve both been through. It’s very much a feel good record. There are songs about falling in love, being unconditional with someone or wanting to get through something together. Every song has a hopeful meaning to them. The title summarizes the feeling of the record perfectly, it’s preferably played watching the afterglow skies while the city rises."


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