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Diving into Emotions with lilac frog's "Blood in the Water" and "Never Change"

Indie producer-artist Harri Hocking, known by the moniker lilac frog, unveils a captivating dual narrative in the form of the double-single release "Blood in the Water" and "Never Change." These tracks navigate the delicate terrain of friendships and relationships, unveiling tales of past connections and soured emotions. In a harmonious blend of authenticity and catchiness, lilac frog manages to create an intimate sonic experience that resonates with listeners far and wide.

The title track, "Blood in the Water," delves into the raw emotional complexities of a crumbling friendship, a sentiment drawn from Harri's own experiences. The song paints a vivid portrayal of the feeling of being constantly on display, yet never truly understood or supported. With evocative lyrics, lilac frog captures the essence of being prey to the indifference of those around you. The track's dark and groovy composition casts a captivating spell, channeling the moody allure reminiscent of alt-pop icons like Halsey, Lorde, and Lana Del Rey.

As the B-side of this double-single, "Never Change" steps onto a lighter and more spirited stage. Set to an electronic pop beat infused with modern R&B and Latin influences, the track navigates the aftermath of a fractured relationship through the lens of a third party. With a sprinkle of tongue-in-cheek humor, lilac frog dissects the missteps of a friend's ex-partner. Despite the catchier tone, the song's authenticity remains intact, serving as a musical outlet for the emotional waves experienced by a friend. The track's genuine storytelling creates a resonant space for listeners to reflect on their own past connections.

lilac frog's commitment to authenticity shines brightly through this release. With a bedroom studio as their creative sanctuary, the tracks emerge from the heart, unfiltered and without embellishment. The result is a collection that strikes a chord with those who value music as a vessel for genuine expression. Whether listeners can relate to every lyric or find their own emotions reflected in lilac frog's melodies, the inherent honesty of the tracks leaves an indelible mark.

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