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DK Verano unveils his energetic new single 'ZOMBIE'

After spending the last few years dropping a flurry of single and EP releases, as well as making a name for himself across the live music circuits in New York and Atlanta, fast-rising artist DK Verano is back to his best once again as he drops the energetic new single 'ZOMBIE'.

Blending his distinctive direction of gritty guitar hooks and a thunderous hip-hop-inspired beat throughout, 'ZOMBIE' makes for a brilliantly infectious listen. With its creative flair, soaring atmosphere, and his own engaging vocals at the helm, he is once again establishing himself as one of the more enigmatic names doing the rounds right now.

Adding about the new release, he said, "After a busy few years I realized the one thing I truly want out of making music is for people to be able to have fun from it whether it be escaping from the everyday putting on some headphones or going to a concert to jump around. I believe this is the start of that along with something different to explore sound wise."

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