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DLG. unleashes new EP, 'CHARACTERS'

DLG. has unleashed his latest EP, 'CHARACTERS', a hazy, cross-genre exploration of his experiences since moving to the City of Angels. With influences ranging from Jungle to Mac Miller, DLG. crafts a vibrant sonic tapestry that reflects the eclectic essence of LA's diverse inhabitants. 'CHARACTERS' is not just an EP; it's a sonic journey through the streets of LA, guided by the enigmatic personas that inhabit its bustling landscape. DLG.'s artistry shines bright, inviting listeners to join him on his adventure of self-discovery and musical exploration. One standout track on this project for me has to be 'ICY'. Inspired by personal experiences and driven by emotive lyricism, 'ICY' captivates listeners with its raw honesty and infectious energy. The incorporation of tabla recordings adds an unexpected yet delightful twist, underscoring DLG.'s penchant for experimentation and innovation.


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