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Don't miss Curse of Lono's carefully constructed alt-rock single "Think I'm Alright Now"

When you’ve lost your dad, your uncle and your ex-partner in the space of one year, what do you do? Some might launch themselves into work, some might head to therapy, some might turns to their vices, or some might turn to music. The latter applies to Felix Bechtolsheimer from alt-rock band Curse of Lono who has used recent events to fuel the fire of his creativity and produced a brand new album. Those more keen-eared listeners will have already wandered upon "Let Your Love Rain Down On Me" and continuing in this aesthetic groove, we have "Think I'm Alright Now". This one takes it's time to warm up, building up astral synths, then an electro-acoustic strum, then stretched leaden notes, then lively high-hat and snare. It's as though Felix needed the momentum to utter the words "I've been shaken... but, I think I'm alright now."

So far, we're loving the vibe of Curse Of Lono's recent output and we have high expectation for the record, titled People In Cars, which we're told will be out on November 26th this year.


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