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Don't miss the soulful extravaganza that is Meagan De Lima's "Queen"

Toronto's Meagan De Lima has been steadily releasing music since 2015 and she's had several landmark moments along the way. She's performed for Barack Obama and at the Invictus Games, she's opened for Kehlani, and to top it all off she's acted, composed and performed in the 2021 feature film Learn to Swim. If that hasn't convinced you that you should be keeping tabs on this artist, then let her brand new track "Queen" be the closer. It's a luxuriously soulful and stylishly gospel song about a daughter's love for her mom, summed up by sweet lines like "when I see that smile I know I'm home." The full band backing almost makes this sound like a live session recording, which proves just how flawless Meagan De Lima's impressive pop-R&B voice is. It's a really fulfilling homage to both mother and also classic soul performance that so few young artists are doing well right now.

“I love my mom. I made this song to shine a light on her heart, and the ferocity and resiliency that makes her march to the beat of her own drum. My mom not only inspires me as a passionate mother of three and a South Asian immigrant to Canada but also because of the mountains she’s climbed later in life, too. She is a breast cancer survivor, played a support role to my father when he was diagnosed a year later, and so much more. I am grateful to have had her to look up to not only as a mom but as a best friend and role model to lean on when times got tough. I want to dedicate this song not only to her but to the dynamic and fierce people we all have in our lives that inspire us and show us what genuine love and strength are made of.”


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