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Earl Gray Collective release funky music video for single ‘Landslide’

South London four piece Earl Gray Collective’s accompanying video for ‘Landslide’, reflects all the upbeat, groovy vibes of the track through vibrant, colourful content and slick editing. The band’s creativity shines through the videography, utilising roads and outdoor spaces, the band take their instruments to the streets, creating a series of authentic shots with added flashes of neon graphics. Their personalities are perfectly captured within the video, with the band playfully making faces in a collection of fun, lighthearted stills.

Discussing their new single, the band said: “We've had a lot of fun creating this latest single Landslide, we feel like it gives a fresh twist on disco that gets your feet moving and your heart pumping.”

Earl Gray Collective’s sound is ever evolving, and their catchy, upbeat fusion of Blues and Funk inspired Indie Rock/Pop, is one that is instantly recognisable.

Watch the video for ‘Landslide’ here:

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