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Ecota shares dreamy new EP ‘What We Gonna Do?’

Here to shake up the world of bedroom pop, Ecota arrives with her debut EP ‘What We Gonna Do?’, and it is not to be missed. The Lithuania hailing, and now Newcastle based singer-songwriter if offering up a dark yet ethereal brand on pop that really grabs you attention. Her introspective words are coated on top of atmospheric instrumentals in each of the four tracks, making for a truly gripping experience.

Since her debut back in 2020, the young songstress has been pushing the genre boundaries and concocting her own brand of experimental sonics. Her unique sound has been catching the attention of many, with the talent winning the “Demo of the Month” award in Narc Magazine’s March issue and featuring in April’s issue of the magazine. With a whole lot more to give, be sure to keep your eye on this rising artist.

Listen to ‘What We Gonna Do?’ below:


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