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EDM-meets-pop artist Hadar Adora reveals bewitching new anthem 'Free Zone'

The pop-infused number 'Free Zone' is the type of track that will instantly tear up a dancefloor. If this track drops when you're in a nightclub, you can already picture the glorious scenes. Hadar Adora's latest gem is seriously going to stir the music industry like no other track you'll hear this month. Bathed in electronic fragrances and subtle EDM sensibilities, 'Free Zone' is definitely another string to Hadar's ever-growing bow.

With the previous single ‘Patience’ hitting critical acclaim and appearing in the NBA 2k21 Videogame Soundtrack, the songwriter quickly landed a publishing deal with Big Chune and Prescription Songs (LunchMoney Lewis, Dr Luke) where she writes for some of the world’s hottest music artists. Not only a standout artist in the music industry, but Hadar also has a strong following on TikTok - over 573,000 followers to be exact! We're definitely in the presence of a star-in-the-making.


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