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El'Vee Boosts Body Positivity With New Video

El’Vee is the twin sister project that amalgamates their African and British roots. Their new video, My Body, is an energetic pop blend that oozes an addictive appreciation for the female body.

Since the inception of El’Vee as a wider musical project, both sisters aim to tackle the gender imbalance found in the afrobeat scene. In the midst of the big afrobeat push in London, El’Vee became known for videos Enter the Place and Dance for Me. Their combination of pop, afrobeat and electronic grew with an aspiration to meet audiences from an array of backgrounds, whether that be the UK or Africa. Now, the twins are known predominantly for My Butter, an infectious dance effort that calls upon fast-paced percussion and a little bit of Français. With a continuous tale of strength within femininity, El’Vee’s work has built a tribe of empowered individuals called the El’veellains.

“This is a fun, energetic, afropop record that embodies our femininity, where we're not afraid to embrace our sexuality” - EL’VEE

The latest video release for My Body encapsulates the beauty with pure, unadulterated confidence. The video shows El’Vee in their element, flaunting and celebrating what they have to offer. It’s a call to arms to all the people out there in need of a boost, in need of their very own tribe that not only accepts, but embraces themselves, and those around them.

“Show the man what you’re working with”

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